9 Best Round Cribs For Baby [Buyer’s Guide]

9 Best Round Cribs For Baby [Buyer’s Guide]

Round Cribs For Baby:

A round crib for baby or cot is an excellent piece of furniture for little ones, but some parents with a unique taste compared to most don’t like simple cots for their little prince or little princess. They usually go for round cribs in which their little ones can get fit. Most of the parents are loving to have round cribs for baby or cot in their nursery for their little ones that are why there are now available round baby cribs for sale in the market.

In the category of round baby cribs, there are two types;

  • Cheap round cribs
  • Expensive round cribs

For those who can not afford any type from both, there comes another option which can be searched on the internet and in the market too i.e. used round crib for sale.

For your ease, we have listed some best and unique cribs that are for sale.

Why Round Cribs are to be used?

Round cribs are smaller in size than the commonly used rectangular cribs and can be moved easily with no hassle. Round cribs for baby that are used for a baby can be fit in compromising places which can be the parent’s room or a nursery, where there is not already enough place for a huge crib.

Round cribs for baby are portable and can be taken anywhere because to carry such portable and a small crib is not a hassle rather than to carry a standard portable rectangular crib because they are huge in sizes and will acquire more place than the round baby crib. Round cribs for baby or cots are also useful if you want to design a room for your little prince or little princess. 

Safety Regarding Round Cribs.

Round cribs were too expensive for some families but now many can afford them because they are cheap and if someone still could not afford these unique cribs then there is an option to buy used round cribs for baby. The truth regarding the safety of round cribs is that if you pay attention to the weight and age limit of a little one who will use this crib then these round cribs are extremely safe and you need not worry about the safety of your baby or infant lying in a round crib.

Why Round Cribs Are Liked By Many Parents?

The answer is that when parents are deciding to buy something for their children they choose the best for the children, the same formula applies here because most of the round cribs offer a canopy around which gives your little one the feeling of a prince or princess. The second reason is safety.

For your ease, we have listed some unique round cribs for baby which are for sale.

Our Top Picks:

1- Baby Doll Bedding Solid Reversible Round Crib Bedding Set:

oval cribs for saleThis is an average priced circular baby bed or round cribs for baby which can be used for both boys and girls which comes with a comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, and dust ruffle. The fabric material is a two-toned solid poly-fabric. It weighs about 3.31 pounds and the fabric material is machine washable.



  • Has all the fitting material

  • Safe

  • Two-toned

  • Not So cheap

2- Badger Basket Elegance Bassinet:

round cribs for girlsThis is a round baby crib with canopy for your little princess. We also consider it a round crib for girls. This is a crib with a canopy over it and the canopy makes it look more elegant and perfect for your little princess. This beautiful cot has a black toile pattern and all the bedding material is machine washable. This product is very affordable and is available at a price of around 140$. We can also consider it in a category of cheap round cribs. 


  • Affordable

  • Has a canopy

  • Bedding material is machine washable

  • Not for baby boys

3- Sophia Posh Circular Crib:

circular cribs for babiesIt is a white bassinet that is a little bit expensive and will be available under 400$. This bassinet can not be used by a child weighing more than 40 pounds and it is made with solid wood and have 4 different mattresses with different height positions and fulfills all the standard safety measures according to US law.



  • Excellent safety 

  • Made with solid wood

  • Expensive

  • Can not be used for a child weighing above than 40 pounds

4- Stokke Sleepi Crib:

round crib for babyThis bassinet is of oval shape and made with solid beechwood. There are three colors available in this bassinet that are white, natural, and cherry. It can be used from birth to the age of ten years because it is convertible and is small enough to be fit in your doorways and it also has four height adjustments. This is an oval crib that ensures your safety regarding your child and is for sale and it will last for years.


  • Convertible crib

  • Can be used for a child up to 10 years old

  • Can be pass through doorways easily

  • None

5- Baby Doll Bedding Sensation:

circle crib with canopyThis is a USA manufactured bassinet and is very sleek in design. It is black and has a little touch of gold color in its accents which makes it look elegant for a little prince or princess. This is a black round crib for baby which makes it easier to pick your little one because it is drop-down to the side.



  • Sleek in design

  • A good touch of colors

  • Convenient for parents to pick up their child

  • Line by line Cons here

6- Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet:

white round cribsThis oval crib is for sale and available under the price of 168$ which is perfect for a young prince or a pretty little princess. There is also a shelf for you to put the basic things on it. It includes the bassinet and bedding and everything also you need to set it up. In addition to this, it also has wheels that help you to move it from one room to another easily. 


  • A shelf to keep useful things on it

  • It has wheels 

  • Includes everything for setup.

  • Line by line Cons here

7- Baby Doll Carnation Crib Bedding Set:

black round baby cribsThis is a circular baby crib for your princess for the price of 235$ and it is made in the USA. It is a circle crib with a canopy over it that makes it more perfect for your little princess. The crib has a color of dark brown wood.



  • Not much expensive

  • Circle crib with canopy

  • Not for baby boys

8- Sophia Posh Natural:

cheap round cribsThis is a circular baby crib which is a little bit expensive and comes with a price of approximately 425$. It contains all the essential things you need to set it up for your little one and it also includes 4 position bed mattresses. You can choose from two colors that are cherry and natural wood.



  • Available in two colors

  • Contains all the essential things for setup

  • Includes 4 position bed mattresses

  • Much Expensive

9- Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet:

baby round cribsThis oval crib is perfect for both boy or girl. It includes everything that you will need to set it up for your little one. Its bedding is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and has a price of roughly 170$.



  • Perfect for boy or girl both

  • Includes everything for setup

  • Affordable price

  • Line by line Cons here

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