Top 10 Best Bottles For NewBorns Breastfeeding [Buyer’s Guide]

Top 10 Best Bottles For NewBorns Breastfeeding [Buyer’s Guide]

Breastfed babies don’t only take their milk from the breast. While lactation consultants suggest waiting at least three weeks before introducing a bottle, breastfeeding mamas often abide by their own schedules. Finding a bottle that truly mimics the motion, flow, and feeling of the breast is often the hardest part of making the switch. We’ve put the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding, and narrowed our list down.

Moms need to choose the best bottles for breastfeeding which makes them fulfill the mom’s and baby’s needs. Many best and top bottles for breastfed babies, best bottles for breastfeeding moms, best bottles for newborns, best nipples for the newborn are available which makes the baby tummy time easy and healthy.

Check out our picks for the most breast-like bottles on the market, and be sure to check out bottles for colic if you have a gassy baby.

Top 10 Best Bottles For NewBorns Breastfeeding

1- Philips AVENT SCF701/37 Natural Glass Baby Bottle, 4 Oz, 3 Pack, Clear:

Best Bottles For NewBorns BreastfeedingPhilips Avent has a lot of products aimed at making the best bottles for breastfeeding babies experiencing a successful one for moms. These are just one more tool in the shed to help with that particular battle. These bottles come in a three-pack, and they can each hold up to 4 ounces. What makes them really shine when it comes to bottle-feeding breastfed babies is the realistic nipple.

The nipples are made of soft silicone and are wider than many other nipples, which will hopefully remind your baby of a breast. That’s why we put the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding.

These breastfeeding bottles come with great features that make baby feed time easy and provide the full comforts to your little one. You don’t need to worry, this is secure for your baby. This is the best breastfeeding bottle for a newborn.

They have an incorporated anti-colic system that doesn’t require any hassle to assemble and are straightforward and easy to operate. Philips uses strong borosilicate glass to manufacture these, which means your baby won’t be ingesting any harmful chemicals as he might with a plastic bottle.

  • The wide neck makes these easy to clean or fill without spilling.

  • Anti-colic features should make your baby more

  • Comfortable.

  • They aren’t made to withstand sudden temperature changes, like being moved from the freezer to a bottle warmer.

2- NUK Simply Natural Bottles:

best bottles for breastfed with slow flowThis three-pack of 9-ounce breastfeeding bottles combines and makes the best baby bottles for newborns breastfeeding at an affordable price. Because they are so big, if you buy these you won’t have to upsize from any newborn bottles you might have considered purchasing. It features multiple nipple holes that give a more realistic feel like your baby is sucking on your breast. Depending on what flow the nipple is, it can have up to nine tiny holes. Plus, the wide silicone nipple stretches with your baby’s movement, which means she won’t break her latch as often.

To help cut down on spit-up and gas, these use a one-piece anti-colic system. Because the colic system is built into the bottle, you won’t have to mess with trying to clean out lots of complicated pieces. The bottles are stain-resistant, which will keep them looking newer for longer. An ergonomic design makes the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding and your baby to hold during feeding time.

It features multiple nipple holes that give a more realistic feel like your baby is sucking on your breast. Depending on what flow the nipple is, it can have up to nine tiny holes. Plus, the wide silicone nipple stretches with your baby’s movement, which means she won’t break her latch as often. So, these are the best bottles for breastfeeding.

  • Inexpensive option.

  • A Built-in anti-colic system means they are easy to clean.

  • The cap can be tough to pull off the top.

3- Nanobebe Baby Breastfeeding Bottles:

the best bottles for breastfeeding babiesNano Bebe baby breastfeeding bottles are the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding because If you’re concerned about retaining as much of the nutritional content of your pumped milk as possible, the makers of this bottle claim that the design optimizes heating and cooling in such a way that the vitamins and minerals are not damaged on their way from your breast to your baby.

You can pump directly into these bottles, and because they’re concave, they stack rather nicely and. These are the best bottles for breastfed babies anti-colic, too, and will inhibit bacterial growth for extra peace of mind. Nano Babe is really trying to break the mold with these “bottles.” and making the best bottles for breastfeeding babies in 2021. The shape is definitely the most breast-like on this list and consists of a hollowed dome, a little like an upturned bowl. The nipple is angled on the one side and either you or your baby hold around the lower rim as they feed.

This best bottle for a breastfed newborn is much reliable and fully convenient which makes baby feed time perfect. This is the best bottle for breastfeeding babies because they overcome reflux and colic issues.

  • Helps with reflux and colic.

  • Chunky, tactile shape to hold for self-feeders.

  • The large, somewhat awkward shape means you don’t see your baby’s face as you feed.

 4- Mimijumi Get Going Bottle Kit:

best bottles for breastfed babies who refuse bottleThis set comes with four bottles — two in the Very Hungry bigger size and two in the Not So Hungry smaller size. There are hardly any parts to fuss with these, which makes them extremely easy to assemble. You don’t even need to put a ring around the nipple to hold it onto the base because the nipple screws directly onto the bottle. It is the best bottle for babies after breastfeeding because if your baby should love the appearance of this bottle set.

The large, flesh-colored nipple is surprisingly boob-like and looks and feels like the real deal. It’s so realistic-looking your baby might do a double-take when they see it. The slow-flow of the nipples making them the best bottles for breastfed with slow flow and the nipple design helps ward off baby fussiness caused by colic. They don’t contain BPA, and the super-wide necks mean you’ll be able to clean them in seconds.

  • Realistic looking and feeling nipple.

  • Easy to put together and clean

  • Helps fight colic.

  • They are really expensive.

5- Lansinoh mOmma NaturalWave Bottle:

best bottles for breastfed babies with gasThis natural wave design is meant to promote just the same sucking motions your baby would be practicing at your breast. These motions are necessary for proper oral development and a good latch. Besides the nipple, the rest of the bottle is constructed of sturdy plastic and a wide, easy-to-clean neck these features making them the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding. Many moms have also discovered that this bottle fits a range of other brand nipples, too.

These bottles from Lansinoh consistently receive best bottles for breastfed babies reviews, even from parents who have struggled to coax their babies onto other brands. The shape is a little different from the usual, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get a baby to accept it. The surface of this one is matte and thick, and the nipple itself tapers off less sharply, so it doesn’t feel as long in the mouth.

  • A great choice for even picky babies.

  • Natural feeling, shallow, matte nipple.

  • The nipple may be too fast for very young babies.

  • The flexibility of the nipples means they can sometimes crack and leak.

6- Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottle:

best baby bottles for newborns breastfeedingIf you have a baby who is showing signs of nipple confusion or else one who gets a little colicky now and then, this bottle will help you kill two birds with one stone. The venting system consists of a straw valve that reduces colic, gas, and spit-up. It can be removed to clean, or you can place everything in the dishwasher and bottle sterilizer. This type of features is available in a good bottle which makes the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding 

  The bottles can be bought in packs of 2 to 8 to suit your needs, and the price is reasonable, and both a 4 ounce and 8 ounces bottle are available. Dr. Brown’s bottle is the best bottles for breastfed babies who refuse the bottle and are always solid all-rounders and this wide-necked model is no different. Made of shaped BPA-free plastic that’s easy for both you and your baby to hold, the bottle offers a feeding experience that’s as close to being at mom’s breast as possible.

This breastfeed bottle is free of any toxic made with fully organic material that doesn’t damage the baby’s health. Their adorable feature makes them the best bottle for breastfeeding.

  • BPA-free and can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Multiple parts to put together.

7- Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottles:

best bottles for breastfeeding babies 2021These are a good choice for preventing colic because it is the best bottle for breastfed babies with colic and the stretchiness of the nipple helps encourage the right latch. A proper latch can ensure your baby is taking in less air intake with every sip because the nipple will move with your baby’s mouth so that’s why it is in our top 10 best bottles for breastfed babies. The anti-colic valve at the base also reduces any gas your baby might suffer from as a result of feeding.

This set offers a lot for a reasonable price. You’ll get two 4-ounce bottles with slow flow nipples, two 8-ounce bottles with medium flow nipples, a newborn pacifier, a bottle and valve brush, two pump adapters, and four sealing discs. The pump adapters will allow you to connect these to many breast pumps.

This is the best bottle for breastfeeding newborns, your newborn securely feeds through this free of colic issue. And have all the best features.

  • The anti-colic valve and latch nipple helps reduce colic.
  • The anti-colic valve is hard to clean, even with the included brush.

8- Comotomo Baby Bottle:

best bottle for breastfed babies with colicThese areas close as you can get to the breastfeeding experience. The nipples are big and soft. In a dramatic twist from most other bottles, even the base of the bottle is flexible and it is the best bottle for breastfed babies Mumsnet, and also available on Mumsnet,  your baby can grab and squish the bottle when she’s feeding, just like she does with your breast basically it is only for newborns and best bottles for newborn breastfeeding.

It doesn’t get any simpler than these. So simple to assemble, you’ll be able to stick your whole hand in this ultra wide-neck bottle to clean it when you don’t have access to a dishwasher.

The Comotomo Baby Bottle is one of the best baby bottles for newborns breastfeeding, they come with full-functional features and also made with non-toxic material.


  • Will help you avoid bottle rejection.
  • They can give off a plastic smell when warmed up.

9- Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle:

best bottles for babies after breastfeedingThis bottle itself also has an innovative bending feature, and the top can hinge slightly so that your baby can get comfortable no matter which way they angle the bottle. These bottles from Playtex are also innovative and the best bottles for newborns who breastfeed and these bottles have a very clever disposable bag system: simply add a liner to the bottle and fill with milk as usual, then discard the liner once you’re done — they’re recyclable.

The liners are not only a good idea for cutting down on washing up, but they serve an anti-colic function, too. As your baby drinks, the bag collapses with the vacuum, and no air enters. The bottles are BPA-free and the liners come pre-sterilized and ready to go so that you can get going with a feeding session as quickly as possible. Because no doubt it is the best bottles for nursing newborns.

  • Easy enough to assemble, even one-handed
  • Leaky.

10- MAM Newborn Essentials “Feed & Soothe” Set:

best bottles for breastfed babies reviewsThis set of bottles is also a smart buy because it comes with gas and anti-colic features basically it is the best bottles for breastfed babies with gas and it also comes with two 5-ounce bottles and two 9-ounce bottles so you can use these from newborn up to your baby starts drinking out of a cup. 

Reflux is no joke. If your child is suffering from this, you’ll try and do anything to help soothe them. These bottles are the best bottles for breastfed babies with reflux and were made for babies with reflux in mind with their patented vented base that gets out air bubbles so it doesn’t get trapped in your baby’s tummy. In one study by the company, 80 percent of the mothers tested said after using this bottle their baby had less colic,1 so it’s worth a shot!

What’s more, these are also made with breastfeeding moms in mind with a soft silicone nipple. The company says that 94 percent of babies took this nipple in studies.

  • Love this set! Less colic For Baby & Easy to Clean.

  • The baby switches easily between these bottles and breasts.

  • 4-piece bottles are SO easy to clean.

  • The bottles can sometimes be a pain as far as all the parts

Q; What are the best bottles for breastfed babies?

To help ease the transition to a bottle, choose an option that most closely mimics breastfeeding. The bottle should have a wide, soft nipple that makes your baby work for the milk. There’s a particular sucking sequence that babies use during breastfeeding and a bottle that freely leaks milk into a baby’s mouth will make it hard to go back to the breast (after all, who wants to work more for their dinner if they don’t have to?).

The best bottle for breastfed babies will have nipples that look like the real deal, include anti-colic features, and are easy to clean. All of these options fit the bill, so give them a try if you’re ready to give your breastfed baby her first bottle.

Q: What is the best bottle for breastfed newborns?

The perfect bottle for your baby is the bottle that your baby will take,” says Murphy. And she’s right!

Instead of committing to a full set of a single bottle brand, buy one of a few different brands to see what your little one (and you) prefer. She also reminds parents to focus on the nipple rather than the bottle, always choosing a slow flow option. What’s the slow flow to one brand may not be slow at all for another, so you may have to do a bit of trial and error to find what works.

Still, struggling? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a certified lactation consultant or even a speech-language pathologist who specializes in infant feeding, Murphy says. Sometimes a little help from the experts is all you’ll need to get a baby on track with bottles.

Q: What bottles should I buy for my newborn?

Many bottles are specifically designed to work in tandem with the breastfeeding experience. Others are better for formula-fed babies, with built-in valves to prevent colic and gassiness.

Still, confused? Here’s a breakdown of the various types of baby bottles and how they compare.

  • Standard bottles: Simple and straightforward, these traditionally designed bottles work well for most babies. Look for them in plastic, glass, or even stainless steel versions.
  • Angle-neck bottles: Bent at the neck to prevent air from filling the nipple, which may make for easier feedings and a less gassy baby. The angled shape can make it harder to clean, however.
  • Disposable liner bottles: A hard shell (usually plastic) that holds an individual pouch of milk. The bag collapses as baby drinks, which should reduce gassiness. Built for easy clean up (because you use and toss each bag), these are a convenient option, but not exactly eco-friendly.
  • Wide-neck bottles: Short and squat, these bottles have a wide opening up top — which means a wider nipple, too, echoing the breastfeeding experience. Ideal for babies who will be going from breast to bottle frequently, a wide neck also makes clean up easy.
  • Vented bottles: These bottles include a built-in tube to prevent air pockets from forming in the bottle or nipple, which is meant to help prevent gas. Vents and other extra parts mean these can be harder to clean.

Q: Is it OK to bottle and breastfeed newborns?

It’s perfectly possible to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding using formula milk or expressed breast milk. If you can wait until your baby’s at least eight weeks old. Combining breast and bottle sooner than this may affect your milk supply. This will stop your breasts from becoming uncomfortably engorged and leaky.

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