Kids Adjust Volume Dancing Talking Cactus Toys for Baby Boys and Girls, Singing Record Repeating What You Say Sunny Cactus Electronic Light Up Plush Toy with 120 English Songs for Home Decor

Price: $25.99
(as of May 26,2023 01:29:36 UTC – Details)

Dancing Talking Cactus Sing Multiple Cheery Songs Repeat what you Say for Baby Kids Boys and Girls
Singing cactus toy(120 English songs)Dancing talking cactus toy will glow and swing with the rhythm of the music.Electric dancing cactus will record and repeat what you say.
Decompression toys for adults
Mimicking cactus toy can record what you say and repeat what you say,This funny toy will definitely Make you laugh!
Boy girl toy
Cactus plush toys can not only bring happiness to boys and girls, Can also be used as home decoration
Baby’s unique cactus toy
Baby cactus toy can dance to the rhythm,can sing 120 English songs,can also imitate the baby’s speech and attract the baby’s attention.It is a small toy for early education.
Dancing Singing Cactus Toy Sing 120 English Songs
Cactus Toy Can Dance Singing
Cheerful music and humorous dance will attract kids attention
Talking Cactus Toy Cactus Repeats what You Say
Cactus toy sound is processed and very funny
Electric Dancing Talking Cactus Plush Toys Color LED Lights
Using cactus toys at night will give you unexpected results
Kids Dancing Talking Cactus Toys for Baby Boys and Girls Can also be used as an educational toy
Talking cactus toy can not only bring happiness to boys and girls,can also be used as a baby educational toy,Funny dance and sounds,shining brightly to attract kids attention
Product Description
Name: Talking cactus toy
Size: 12.6 inches / 0.55 pounds
Lor:Typea: 120 songs
Material: plush
Enlightenment Educational Toys: Talking cactus toy can record what you say and repeat what you say, and the sound is processed, cactus baby toy with its funny sound and appearance, it can attract your baby’s attention, improve the baby’s cognition of things, and the baby’s speaking ability, promote the development of the brain.
Dancing Talking Cactus Toys: Smart cactus toy can stimulates kids interest in singing and dancing, cultivates a sense of rhythm and coordination; exercises the baby’s language expression ability, and cultivates the baby’s ability to recognize things. Therefore mimicking cactus is very suitable for boy, girl, baby, toddler as a gift for Children’s day, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving or birthday.
Cactus Toy Operation Process: Remove bottom case battery cover, insert 3 AA batteries (not included); Close the bottom case battery cover, set the bottom black button to “ON”; Press the button on the right side of the cactus to play music, press repeatedly to skip to the next song; Long press the leftmost button on the cactus record up to 15 seconds long and play audio (can record after song is paused); Middle button is the volume control key, 5 adjustment gears (including mute gears).
Tips for Singing Cactus Toys: cactus dancing toys complies with international children’s toy safety standards (CPSIA, CPC, ASTM certificates). Therefore you can let your child play with peace of mind. If you have any problem after receiving the package, such as missing battery back cover, unable to play music, not working properly or other dissatisfaction, you can contact us immediately.

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