5-Piece Set Climbing Toys Nugget Couch Kids Foam Blocks Toddler Climbing Toys Baby Climbing Toys for Climbing/Crawling/Sliding Soft and Safe Play Equipment Indoor

Price: $106.90
(as of Jan 04,2023 21:34:53 UTC – Details)

Our climbing toys/nugget couch kids allow children to play actively and heartily. In this process, climbing toys for toddlers is very important for the growth of children to exercise the large muscle groups of arms, legs and core by moving it.
The foam blocks can help children build balance and coordination when climbing, crawling and sliding, and cultivate self-confidence and body awareness.
Playing with toddler climbing helps children develop their vocabulary, because children can describe its color, shape, size and position, and help children establish their understanding of color, shape and the surrounding environment.
In each movement, children must decide which piece they will reach, and then go to the next piece step by step. In this process, they learn the ability to use both hands and feet.

【EXERCISE AND DEVELOPMENT】-Our climb toys for toddlers have bright and colorful surfaces and shapes, which can stimulate children’s attention and promote the development of children’s gross motor skills, coordination ability and color recognition ability. The toddler climbing toys allows babies and toddlers to climb, crawl and glide on five kinds of foam shaped sets, baby climbing toys indoor allowing children to move freely.
【5-PIECE SET】-Combination climbing couch for kids is composed of a cylinder, small rectangle, large rectangle, triangle and half moon. Climbing toys for toddlers can let children play their imagination, let your children stack and exchange five different shapes, colleagues climb up and down, and enjoy the fun with toys.play more happily.
【SOFT AND SAFE FOAM】-Combination climbing couch for kids use child safe materials to reassure you. Your child can safely toddler and roll on climbing toys for toddlers soft and low impact surface. Foam blocks can make children.
【EASY TO MAINTAIN】-Climbing toys couch for kids are resistant to stains and wear, thanks to toddler climbing’s easy to clean vinyl surface, which can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. A simple cleaning can get a clean, soft play equipment.
【SAFETY AND CERTIFICATION】-Kids climbing toys couch are made of certified foam plastics. Climbing toys for toddlers is safe for your children, it is covered with soft pure leather.It also has anti-skid base to increase stability. Toddler climbing uses high-quality materials to make the indoor air healthier, put children in a safer environment, and parents can let their children play more confidently.

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