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Multifunctional Xylophone Bus Toy

Early educational toys can make a child smarter and plays an important role in the development of a child’s imagination and creativity. The music bus toy can make very pleasant and clear sounds by using a stick knocking different xylophone. To help babies enjoy different rhythms and promote baby’s auditory sensory development.

This baby toy helps promote the close connection between parents and children and can bring joy to children. It is the best gift for babies.


44 Package includes:

shape modules × 7

xylophone school bus × 1

Recommended age:

18 months and above

Package weight:

Pink Xylophone School Bus Toy Set (409g)

Why choose our products?

A lightweight toy

The xylophone school bus is only 270 grams, this is a toy that your baby can completely manage, Will did not cause extrusion injury to the baby.

Promotes physical exercise

When the baby pulls the vehicle to move, it will make a specific sound to attract the baby’s attention and help the baby learn to walk.

Foster problem-solving in babies

Children love to use their imagination. For example how to stencil shapes and put them in the right window.







7 different tones

Just tap to make a sound, this is a classic educational toy suitable for children to start contacting and learning music.

Removable doors

The 7 shaped modules will be stored one after the other in the school bus, and the modules can be taken out more easily through the detachable door.

Underbody storage space

Xylophone toy bus is equipped with a special knocking stick, which can be stored in the bottom of the car when not playing and will not occupy other space.

xylophone kidsxylophone kids


RAINBOW XYLOPHONE: 7 different tones are assigned to different colors, which can attract children’s interest. This bus xylophone toy allows toddlers to explore simple musical concepts through creative play, which helps babies’ visual and auditory development.
CUTE BUS SHAPE SORTER: The Shape Sorter features seven brightly colored, easy-to-grab shape blocks, each designed to fit through a matching hole on the baby bus toy, Helps infants develop the recognization of patterns and shapes, the thinking ability.
PUSH AND PULL SCHOOL BUS: The carriage comes with its own pull rope at the bottom and easy-rolling wheels let toddlers pull it along anywhere, which helps to improve the baby’s motor skills and balance. It’s very portable so it can be a travel toy.
LITTLE BEAD MUCH FUN: The special bead design on the front of the bus stimulates the curiosity of babies to explore the unknown world, increases their interest in learning. This toy is made of environmentally friendly materials, BPA-free with smooth edges that won’t hurt a child’s skin is durable and safe.
IDEAL GIFTS FOR BABIES: This toddler music toy has a cute appearance, has soft colors, can promote parent-child communication. Suitable for early education, Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Children’s days, Holiday gifts, a new gift for babies, etc.

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