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The safety of their kids is important to every parent. No parent wants a bad thing to happen to their kids. To do this, we try to protect our children by various means. Toddler harness with leash is one of these tools. For all seasons using this child backpack leash, you can walk comfortably with your child in supermarkets, airports, parks, and generally crowded places. Thanks to kids wrist leash, you both protect your child from falling, and the 1.5-meter link will not let your child get too far away from you. As long as a part of the belt is on your wrist, you are sure of it.You can use toddler leash for boys girls in 2 variants:1. You tie a Toddler leash to the child’s wrist, then you tie it to the parent’s wrist with a key.2. After you put the Toddler leash with backpack shoulder strap on your child, close the back and front with a key. It is impossible for your kids to open it. Breaking the link is not so easy.You can also use this child leashes for kids on a night out with your kids. There is a reflective color on the belt, which shines at night so that you and your child can be seen by both people and vehicles.The 2 in 1 baby leash bunch includes the following: 1. Shoulder strap – 1 Pcs 2. Wristband Head – 1 Pcs 3. Wrist leash chain – 1 PcsPrecautions:1. Please use toddler wrist leash under adult supervision. This toddler safety harnesses leashes is used to prevent children from getting lost and falling when they go out.2. Be sure to check whether the kids harness with leash is in good condition before use.3. Check whether the baby harness for walking is in good condition before use. If any damage or defect is found on child wrist leashes, please replace it in time.4. İf cleaning is required, please dry and store in a dry container. Do not let children play with kid harness with leash. ADD to card and Help children feel safe and supportive.
Soft and comfortable: Thanks to soft pillows made on leash for kids, the wrists are protected from unpleasant scratches. The shoulder straps in toddler backpack leash are freely adjustable, which relieves the pressure on the shoulders. Both adults & children can easily wear this baby wrist strap. A baby harness gives you comfort by keeping children close to their parents while giving them independence. Kid leashes for boys & girls is great for those who go for long walks with children ages 2-12.
Anti Lost: The cap on the children’s wrist and backpack are locked with a key after being fastened. This key is attached to the wrist of an adult. The opening and closing authority is in adults. Without a key, children cannot open kid leashes themselves. Pay attention to your child when walking or traveling outside the house, tie one end to your child and the other end to your wrist or the stroller. You will not worry about children losing and wandering in public places.
Reflective Strap Design: The child harness leashes for toddlers has an internal reflective strip that makes it easier for people and vehicles to see in the evening, ensuring that your child is safe. You can clearly see the leash toddler chain at night. This baby safety harness is light weight & gives your toddlers freedom to walk while at the same time keeping them close so they don’t run off. Walking harness for toddlers perfect for supermarkets, parks, malls, airports, and crowded places.
Attention: Keep away toddler leash harness from fire or sharp objects to avoid damaging the product. Goods can be RETURNED within 30 DAYS, if there are any quality problems with our product.

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