Foldable Snake Pickler Set 8in1 with Climber and Slide with ramp – Montessori Climbing Toys for Toddlers and Kids 1-7 y.o.

Price: $249.00
(as of Jul 19,2022 14:14:51 UTC – Details)

Goodevas 2-in-1 Snake Ladder + Board Slide/Ramp toddler playground Set in Chocolate coloration is the ultimate kids climbing gym hybrid of pure joy and functionality, as the wood playground set possess all the essential qualities to both entertain and actively train your children to develop their individuality and a plethora of other crucial qualities and skills!

Overall Dimensions of the toddler activity gym:

Size of toddler climbing toys indoor: 41.33”x14.96”x4.33” or 105x37x10.5cm

Weight: 44lb

Coloration: Dark Chocolate

Goodevas wooden climbing toys for toddlers 1-3 are classified as Montessori toys and are designed to develop and enhance a multitude of essential qualities and skills, such as gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, courage, independence, dexterity, and many more!

Being the ultimate combination of entertainment and multi-functionality, the 2-in-1 toddler toy set is destined to fulfill all the needs of both children and parents by providing countless hours of quality playtime!

Unlike other Goodevas outdoor/indoor climbing toys for toddlers 1-3, Snake Ladder toddler gym unique ability is to transform into 7-10 different positions opens up endless opportunities to experiment with to see what’s best specifically by your standards – why choose between the baby climbing arch or the pickle triangle climber if you can have both climbers for toddlers and even more, all combined in one single climbing structure?!

Apart from being thoroughly polished, smooth, and completely splinter-free, the main feature of the waldorf toddler slide is that it is 2-sided – the 4 extra wood planks attached to the back surface of the slide board transform it into a climbing ramp when flipped!

While toddler indoor climbing toys are a good option for playing at home, Goodevas climbing toys are the perfect option for both outdoor and indoor climbing for kids!
🌟 All of Goodevas climbing toys are meant to be used by kids aged 1-7 y.o.
🌟 Only 100% natural wood was used to produce the toddler climber, with a non-toxic darkening pigment gifting the kids playground its distinctive chocolate appearance, resulting in the kids gym being eco-friendly and absolutely safe for kids’ use!
🌟 Montessori climbing toys for toddlers advance the most in providing your child with complete freedom of choice in having fun, while simultaneously actively enhancing and developing a multitude of various crucial qualities and skills!
🌟 Unlike the climbing triangle, the unique ability of the kids climbing snake ladder is to transform into any shape you can think of!
🌟 Having all of the wood surfaces polished to perfection and appropriately covered in a protective coating of natural linen oil and beeswax results in true comfort of touch and allows the wooden climber to be used both as an outdoor, as well as an indoor playground for toddlers

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