BE Family Travel – Kids Car Seat Toddler Travel Tray with Unique Fold-in “No Need to Unload Again” Side Pockets with Zipper Blue Lap Play Snack Tray

Price: $37.99
(as of Jul 12,2022 08:39:13 UTC – Details)

Our Travel Play Tray has an adjustable headrest strap with sturdy buckle to keep the top of the tray securely fastened during your journey. There is a 9.5” x 6.75” protective PVC Touchscreen Tablet Holder, and on either side of the tablet holder there are two mesh pouches perfect for snacks, sunglasses, and smaller toys or figurines. Across the bottom is a high-quality pencil case perfect for markers, crayons, pens or pencils. On the back of the pencil case are 3 metal snaps that help give extra support to the zipper when attached to the Lap Tray as one unit.
The Toddler Play Tray can be used in conjunction with the top tablet holder or can be easily separated by un snapping the 3 snaps behind the pencil case and finish unzipping the bag all the way into two different units. The Kid’s Lap Tray can also be used as a Toddler Snack or Play Tray which features a flat and firm work or play surface with sturdy edges to avoid items falling off.
It has a deep drink holder to keep your child’s drink upright and within reach The Car Seat Kids Travel Tray features roomy mesh side pockets that zip closed to secure toys, crayons, playing cards, playdough, books, or whatever your child likes most. The mesh allows you to see small items that may otherwise be lost. One of our most unique features is
NO MORE UNLOADING THE WHOLE TRAY before you leave the car, the strong side pockets that flip to the inside of the Play Tray before it zips closed into a kid’s size messenger bag.
There is a large book pocket on the outside of the bag which is perfect for carrying coloring books, homework folders, workbooks, sticker books, and more. It features a wide, adjustable carry strap, almost any age child can carry their own bag comfortably. The two sturdy buckles on either side of the bag can be used to secure the travel tray by clipping it around the child, car seat or stroller.

KIDS LOVE THE MESSENGER BAG – BE Family Travel Tray quickly converts to a stylish and handy Messenger Bag that kids are proud to carry. From Home to Car Seat in a matter of minutes your child can easily unzip the bag, hook over the headrest, flip open the two side pouches and they are ready for fun. No need to unload the entire play tray when its time to go in. Our side pouches zip and fold in to make the perfect storage as an all-in-one Travel Bag for the car, airplane, or stroller etc.
KEEP THE BACK SEAT ORGANIZED – Our Multi-purpose Kid’s Snack and Play Tray is designed to have an easy to reach place for all your child’s toys, art supplies, books, drink, and snacks. No more reaching back to pick up dropped toys or food as our side walls will help contain the activities. With plenty of storage pockets and pouches everything has a “home”. The built-in protective PVC Touchscreen Tablet Sleeve keeps grimy fingerprints off your iPad, Kindle, or other electronic device.
TODDLER SNACK AND PLAY TRAY – We created our Kids Travel Tray to fit any Car Seat or Booster Seat by designing it to unzip into two individual units. For the toddler or young child still in a Convertible Car Seat, simply unsnap the back-support flap and zip it apart to hang the Tablet Holder from the headrest. The bottom will work as a Toddler Travel Tray and is perfect for a drink, snacks, coloring book, crayons, and toys to keep everything within their reach.
EASILY SNAPS AROUND HEADREST – We have designed our Travel Tray to quickly snap around the headrest, which makes it fast to remove during breaks or when you arrive at your destination. IMPORTANT: TRAY DOES NOT ZIP SHUT WHILE IT IS ATTACHED TO THE HEADREST. – We want your children to enjoy the journey and for you to have peace throughout your trip. Reach out, we are a family just like you who travels, and we want to help you with any questions or problems. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, LET’S BE FAMILY!

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