Climb And Crawl Activity Play Set,Climbing Lightweight Foam Shape toy for toddlers 5 Piece Soft zone climbing blocks,Safe Indoor Crawling Gym Equipment for Toddler,Infant,Baby Waterproof Easy to Clean

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Concerned about your toddler’s fascination for climbing?

Toddlers have an inclination for climbing up furniture, stairs, and other elevated surfaces. While this is a natural part of developing their motor skills, it can leave many parents distressed. After all, such activities can lead to serious injuries.

If you’re feeling the same way, then you’re going to love what we have for you. We have an excellent play set that will let you indulge your toddler’s climbing antics in a fun way and, more importantly, without the risk of harm.

Create a safe climbing zone for your child with the Play22 Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set.

These soft foam blocks give your toddlers an age-appropriate place to safely test out their crawling and climbing skills. They’re equipped with non-slip bottoms and fasteners so they stay stable while your child climbs over them.

Our brightly colored 5-piece foam block set is composed of different shapes. Stack them up or create cute little obstacle courses to make things challenging and fun for your kids.

Aside from helping develop their gross motor skills, our climbing blocks can also be used as educational toys. With these, you can help your child learn about colors and shapes. And if there are other kids around, playing with these blocks together can help them acquire social skills.

Here are more details about our soft foam climbing and crawling playset:
– Made with safe fabrics
– Easy to wipe clean
– Waterproof
– Long-lasting & durable
– Superb value for money

Watch your child have fun exploring in a safe environment. Add the Play22 Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set to your cart TODAY!
Climb, Crawl, Tumble – Help your little climber develop their gross motor skills through active play. The tumbling blocks have non-slip bottoms and hook-and-loop fasteners to stop them from sliding around.
Perfectly-Sized For Toddlers – Blocks dimensions: cylinder, 16×8″; ramp, 24x16x8″; half-circle, 16×16″; cuboid, 16×8″; rectangle, 16×8″. The shapes let you create an unlimited combination of structures.
For Home, Daycare, & Preschool – Babies will have a grand time with this soft play climbing toys for toddlers. The baby climbing toys are soft and dense with tightly sewn seams to prevent tears.
Designed For Safety – This soft play equipment meets all USA safety requirements. There are no hard surfaces or sharp corners that can hurt your kids while they play with this toddler playset.
Easy To Clean & Store – Lightweight and stackable, putting these toddler climbing toys away is easy. And because they’re waterproof, keeping them clean is a breeze; simply wipe away any dirt with a rag.

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