Kids Travel Tray – Car Seat Tray – Travel Lap Desk Accessory for Your Child’s Rides and Flights – it’s a Collapsible Organizer that Keeps Children Entertained Holding Their Toys (Pink)

Price: $26.50
(as of Jul 01,2022 01:35:19 UTC – Details)

Does it fit any car seat?
Our tray has been designed to fit most of the car seats on the market, but remember that the width of the tray’s base is 17”
What if my car seat faces the rear of the vehicle?
It works as well, just consider the inclination of the seat in the case of rear-facing car seats. The tray might end up slightly tilted, but the walls won’t allow for things to roll over
Is it soft or firm?
It has firmness to act as a travel lap desk for kids, but soft enough not to be hazardous in case of an accident
Can it stand on its own?
Our travel lap desk is intended to rest on the kid’s laps, and have the flaps hanging down from the sides. It comes with straps to secure it to the car seat, but it can be used outside of a vehicle, on stroller, planes or even laying on the couch
Does it use safe and non-toxic materials?
Our materials are of high quality to be handled by children. They do not have any type of smell

Is it washing machine compatible?

We don’t advise it. It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe. You can apply soft stain removers or water/vinegar combination, let it dry after
What is that under the seat?
Maybe it is some leftover banana, or a missing crayon, in such a mess it is hard to tell the difference. That is where the Karimba Kids Travel Tray comes in. Toddlers will use it to store, play, color or simply watch a movie, all within this marvelous and practical travel organizer/entertainer. Your car will never have looked better and more organized after using our wonderful tray. And it is water resistant so it’s easy to clean. One of the most important things of our tray is the fact that, aside from organizing everything in one place it has internal subdivisions
Warranty: Karimba warrants this tray againts defects in matrerials and workmanship
LESS MESS – MORE FREE SPACE: This travel activity tray also works as an organizer, having compartments to place your little one’s tablet, two cup holders and a removable/collapsible storage compartment. It not only teaches your kid to be organized, but it also provides more free space for you, as we all know it is much appreciated when travelling or on the go.
YOUR KID’S BEST PARTHNER: Whether it is hunger or entertainment, this toddler portable lap tray is here to take care of your kid. It is ideal to carry around when travelling with the little ones by car or by train, providing a safe place to put their meals while on the go. It even works for entertainment purposes, where they can color a book, play with playdough, place their tablet to watch a movie, and many others.
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Hot feet? Can’t stop travelling and always carry around the little ones with you? This portable travel tray for kids won’t take up much space and can be stored easily, giving you piece of mind and happiness for your kids
A LITTLE FORTRESS: Our toddler’s travel tray acts as a mini-castle, with resistant walls to keep everything in place. No toy, food, cup or playdough will roll over making a mess of your car or airplane seat. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your kid or toddler misplacing things while on the go. It has security buckles to keep the tray in place, so it poses no harm to the kids or their travel companions
ONE YEAR WARRANTY: When we deal with kids toys and accessories, we know endurance is one of our main concerns as parents, so we provide 1 year WARRANTY. You worry about travelling light and happy, and we’ll worry about the tray, so contact us if you need to request a replacement or repair on the tray should any issue arise

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